Beef,Pork, Lamb, or Goat Processing Prices

We offer USDA inspected processing at our facility. You will have your livestock slaughtered at another plant about an hour and a half away from our plant. You will drop it there, we will pick it up in a refrigerated truck and transport it back to our facility. We will do the butchering of the carcass and further processing (ground beef, sausage, bacon, etc.) You will pick it up at our facility in Sylacauga, AL.

For custom “not for sale” livestock you will drop your livestock off at our facility in Sylacauga and pick up here.

Beef will hang for 7 days. If you want us to dry age the loins for up to 2 weeks, we will do that. All cuts are packaged into boxes with identifying info on it. All products are vacuum sealed in 4-5 mil bags. Many are heat-shrinked as well where appropriate. Finished product needs to be picked up and paid for within 3 business days of being notified it is ready to pick up. Failure to do so may result in storage charges. Due to a number of a factors, we do not offer to unload your animals for you. We will direct you where to back up to to our stalls and show you how to operate them. Please be prepared to unload at our facility if you are dropping off custom animals.

We use a standard brown-sugar, salt, nitrite cure for bacons and hams. We do have the option of doing a sea salt only cure if you prefer. We have a long list of sausage flavors available and can make anything you have a recipe for with a minimum batch size of 25 lbs.

USDA Slaughter$125
Custom Slaughter$115
Over 30 months$50
USDA Cut and wrap$0.95
Custom Cut and Wrap$0.85
Beef Bacon$3 per lb
Beef Link Sausage$1.50 per lb
Smoked Hot Dogs$2 per lb
Cut and wrap price includes all ground beef. 
Specialty products available for Custom 
Bone Broth$3 per qt
Beef Jerky$3 per lb
Smoked Beef Brisket or Pork Shoulder/Butts$2 per lb
Pastrami, beef$3 per lb
Snack Sticks, beef or pork$4.50 per lb
Bologna, beef or pork$3.50 per lb
Pepperoni or Salami, pork$4 per lb
USDA Slaughter$85
USDA Slaughter over 400 lbs$100
Custom Slaugher$50
USDA Cut and wrap$0.85 per lb
Custom Cut and Wrap$0.75 per lb
Smoked and cured bacon, hams, hocks$3 per lb
Link Sausage$1.50 per lb
Smoked Sausage$2 per lb
Cut and wrap price includes ground, loose sausage 
Lamb or Goat, flat rate