Cut Sheets and Drop Off Forms

Marble City Meats was started by Matthew and Jesie Lawrence of Marble Creek Farmstead in 2017. After having purchased and run a USDA processing plant in Pell City for 2016, we learned what it takes to create a high quality meat processing business.  In 2018, we joined forces with Sandee House of Friday Farms to expand our operations.

Being farmers like you, we know how hard it is to get consistent, high quality processing and so take it as our duty to create the services we so desperately need. We spent all of 2017 and most of 2018 building a 4500 sq foot facility on our farm.  We are passionate about local, sustainable agriculture.  Whether you are raising a hog or chicken in your back yard and want to provide meat for your family or you are raising 50,000 pasture raised broilers or hundreds of hogs year for sale to retail and wholesale customers, our facility and staff have what it takes to make sure you are happy with your service and the end result.

We have invested in a high quality infrastructure to build a business that will last. We want to help you grow your markets and become more successful in your farming enterprises. If you are not farming and want to turn your homestead or small farm raised animals to the highest quality cuts, sausages, bacons, and hams we look forward to applying our craft butchery skills to your meat.

Also check out our butchery classes offered seasonally.


Pork Cut Sheet

Beef Cut Sheet

Chicken Cut Sheet

Custom Hog Beef Goat or Lamb Drop Off Form  

Poultry Drop Off Form