Deer Processing

deer cuts

We are now offering deer processing at our USDA and state inspected facility.

Our facility is located at 514 Odena Road N Sylacauga AL 35150. We accept deer drops offs during our normal business hours Monday to Friday 6 AM through 5 PM. Our weekend hours are 9 AM through 5 PM. We will have a drop off cooler available for after hours. Please make sure to fill out a tag and the deer intake form when you drop off.

We will call you to determine how you would like the deer processed within 2 days of drop off. We allow our deer to hang for 2-3 days after cleaning to allow the meat to naturally tenderize. Just like beef, dry aging venison greatly improves the texture and flavor.  We look forward to serving you. Processing fee includes butchering  and packing in vacuum sealed bags.

Cooler deer Deer has been skinned, gutted, and quartered $65 Total
Skinning Deer has been gutted but needs to be skinned $ 80 Total
Gutting Deer has not been gutted and needs to be skinned  $105 Total
Cape Out $25 Extra

Processing and Extras

Deer Jerky Peppered, Original, Cajun, Teriyaki $9 /  LB
*Summer Sausage Original $3 / LB
*Summer Sausage With Cheese $4 / LB
Smoked Deer Hindquarters Pecan Smoked $7.50 Each
*Deer Sticks Original, Pizza $4.50 / LB
*Linked Sausage Bratwurst, Italian, Polish Kielbasa, Salami $3.50 / LB
*Deer Burger Beef Fat Added $2.50 / LB
*Bacon Burger Marble Creek Farmstead Bacon Ends Added $3 / LB
Deer Bacon Brown Sugar Cure $3 / LB

*Min of 10 lbs to make this item

As with all processors, our freezer space is limited. We request you pick up your deer within 3 days of being notified it is ready. Deer left after this time will be subject to a storage fee.